Speed up Drupal development with Search Krumo module

How often do you use the dpm() function from Devel module? I guess, you are using it often, when you writing your own PHP code.

If you have ever printed a view object using dpm() function, you might know how difficult is to find anything in such big and recursive accordion.

I would like to show you one of the must-to-use module, called Search Krumo, which allows you to find a text in a Krumo accordion, printed by the dpm() function.

After you entered the text to find, you can select, which Krumo object to use, and click the Submit button. Then you will get Krumo expanded with a highlighted text entries.

And that is not the end, cause Search Krumo allows you to do many other cools things! Probably, you want to get a path to the item so you can use it in a PHP code. Amazing, Search Krumo allows you to do that!

You can be very excited when you will try this module, cause it really will save your time! With it you can do in a one minute things, you probably did in a 10 minutes without it.

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