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Web enthusiast, author, and entrepreneur

Vadym Myrgorod works at Georgetown University as a Senior Web Developer. He has solid programming skills proven by winning rounds of the prestigious algorithmic contests such as ACM-ICPC and Google Code Jam. Vadym contributes back to the Open Source source projects such as Drupal and WordPress by sharing his code, speaking at conferences, and organizing local meetups. Vadym wrote Backbone.js Cookbook, invented Druml for multisite management, launched Plum Head as an Alexa Skill, and continues to be creative and enthusiastic about technology and innovations. He constantly improves his skills in Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, PHP, React, Backbone.js, Node, JavaScript, Docker, Continuous Integration, and DevOps.

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Website audit and dev workflow review

If you have a website that you want to improve, you need an audit to identify pain points that will be addressed in the new iteration of development.

If you feel like your team is far away from being effective, you need to review your development workflow and adjust it according to the business needs.

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Plum Head, an RSS feed reader for Alexa

Plum Head is an Alexa skill that allows its users to listen to their favorite RSS feeds on Amazon Echo devices, which can be done in different life situations like driving a car, taking a bath, or chilling on a sofa.

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Druml - Drupal multisite management tool

Druml is a Drupal multisite tool that helps to maintain multiple Drupal sites. It has been developed at Georgetown University, which maintains over 250 Drupal websites. Druml is a set of bash scripts. Despite the Druml sounds similar to Drush, it is not a replacement to Drush, instead, it is an addition to Drush and it uses Drush a lot. It also works nice with Acquia Cloud Platform and there are some specific Acquia Cloud commands.

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Backbone.js Cookbook cover
Backbone.js Cookbook

For JavaScript developers, the Backbone.js framework is full of potential. This book, with its accessible recipes, allows you to get to grips with building modern frontend web applications, quickly and easily.

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