Working on the final drafts of the Bakcbone.js Cookbook

I am happy to announce that I am finishing work on the Backbone.js Cookbook, which is going to be published this month. I started to write the book in November 2012, while was working at Trellon. It was extremely hard to combine work and writing, but I feel like I almost completed this challenge and going to take a new round. And of course will celebrate book publication and will buy a big hamon piece.

In this book you can find series of recipes that provide practical, step-by-step solutions to the problems that may occur during frontend application development using an MVC pattern. You will learn how to build Backbone applications utilizing the power of popular Backbone extensions and integrating your app with different third party libraries. You will also learn how to fulfill the requirements of the most challenging tasks.

Here is a link to the full book description.

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