Social Mobile Application updates

Social Mobile App is an example application, which I described in this post about a year a go. It was an experimental project which I created to demonstrate Backbone.js and jQueryMobile capabilities, it communicates with a RESTful server over HTTP. You can find it's source code on it's GitHub project page.
You can also try live demo.
I included Social Mobile Application as an example into Backbone.js Cookbook I am writing and had done several updates in this application.

  • Replaced back-end with a RESTful service provided by
  • Updated versions of contrib libraries.
  • Fixed bug when post list view was not refreshing.
  • Fixed some CSS bugs.
  • Started new branch, which depends on Require.js.
  • Created live demo available at

Also I created Backbone-mongdodb extension which adds support of MongoDB Extended JSON into Backbone.

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